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Update: 13.4.13

This ObsidianPortal wiki is the collated notes from the early brainstorming sessions in 2011. Since then the project has writhed and transmuted as the vision settles into form and as we approach a Kickstarter advert, requesting funds to develop tRust into actual product. Therefore there is much in here that is now inaccurate. In essence we have simplified the backdrop to allow more scope for personal character development through the stories.


tRust is a new game concept created on a debauched night after a conversation with childhood heroes revealed that heroes can be zeros. A theme for this storytelling roleplaying game is that a mark of our teachers success is when we outmode and supercede them.

tRusts genre is cyberpunk noir, also described as horror sci-fi. This game has an 18 age rate because of the graphic violence, sexual content and general adult nature of its themes.

What you are reading is the notes created at the games inception on the fateful night I crossed town to visit my old buddy the Gamekeeper. It is likely to change from this point as it finds its style and its niche. Everything here is ©2011 Ordo Octopia Ltd except some art by snakeappletree which was created expressly for us and is used with permission. You will need prior written consent to distribute this information beyond linking to these pages.

The world of tRust is one potential future of the planet Earth. It is a bleak future where the only natural resource remaining is the remnants of Humanity itself. Thankfully many of the alien species hold humans in awe and are helping certain individuals known as Contacts. They consider humanity to be intergalactic royalty because of the genetic richness and variety of the species. Other aliens consider humans a luxury food, for the same reason.

Earth is under quarantine, partly due to the great war with the Lizzies that has been going on for many thousands of years. Earth is a testing ground. It is in decay. Although it is generally understood that decay is a necessary part of a natural cycle of renewal, the era in which this game is set is one of a monoculture in decline.

One vast city covers all the worlds continents endlessly. The city is built upon itself so that the ground level is buried deep beneath the ancient levels where only monsters and outcasts dwell. The wealthy move upwards toward the Towers; and in tRust wealth is measured by how many of your friends are still alive and how good is your kung fu. If you don’t have kung fu, you won’t survive long. This is a fast paced action packed martial arts game.

“Our heroes are the ones that we supercede. What they teach us, what we learn for ourselves… if we don’t pass it on it is gone for ever. We are destined to go beyond them, or to die trying.” Sensei

“The Tau of Self also called The Middle Way, is not mediocrity. It is to do something utterly different than what has been done before. This is the only way we cannot be second guessed. It involves the Inner Path and is instinct driven rather than form based.” Sensei

The landscape is of Secure Zones in the vast industrial maze of the City, dotted between Wild Zones. Fly-cars, air transport, is often favored but is expensive ever since the manufactories and technical skill to run them is rare; academies do not exist, knowledge is passed on by apprenticeship only. The Secure Zones might have some schools but these are usually combat orientated rather than production lines. There are food production facilities in the safe zones (bio-domes) and food can also be hunted and gathered from the wilds. The Secure Zones are typically protected by small military units of armed samurai. The political situation is a Shoganate, a series of warring feudal states. Most of them are warring against the monsters rather than each other but as nobody has enough facilities for their own community, guerilla raids and treason are common.

Most people are either vassals of the shoganate estates, or else are outlying rural villagers living in crude and scantily protected parts of the wilds. There is no law in the Wilds. There are many monsters. Because of generations of biological abuse, experimentation and research, the dense lower regions of the Wilds are inhabited by monstrous animal-human hybrids and worse, generically known as either of ‘Beasts’ and ‘Nightmares’.

Technology is generally primitive although some very advanced machines are known about and can be discovered submerged in the Wilds or home built if Designs can be drawn up from abandoned computers. Many levels of technology from plasma drives to oil engines, from solar panels and clockwork to hydro-electric and reality-shifting raw-source energy devices of the Dreamer cultures. 3D holographic technology is touch-sensitive. Many advanced items are miniaturized into buttons, rings, body piercing.

Bullets are rare because they require rare resources, fresh metal is hard to come by as it must be imported from offworld. Plasteel energy weapons are more commonplace; zappers blasters and rays. Hand to Hand combat is favored, and primitive weapons eg; bows. There is wood because exotic and mutated plant species can be found growing as weeds in the Wilds. Many of these are toxic ecologies.

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