Named after leeches, they also share characteristics of giant dry-land squids; they have tentacles around a razor-teeth mouth and acid guts. They burrow their bodies or grip from ceilings, and can be found moving through tunnels. Their razor-teeth are used as blades by wild-landers. Sleech grow as big as their food source allows. Sleech reproduce sexually, birth live young and guard their nests ferociously. They are chameleonic, changing color to blend into the environment.

Sleech subspecies with bones in the tentacles so they act like a hand and can move differently, typically walking upright.

Sleech subspecies with spiky armored plate exoskeleton.


“Vulf are loners but hunt together in packs. That is my totem. That is my Tau. They teach how to survive by ourselves and they teach how to work together. It is a duality that they instinctively know how to balance. A natural order. The pack has rank based on survival skills learned while alone. It would become totalitarian if they stayed in packs, the order of their hierarchy would be different, based on control and not respect; and they could not compete with the world. They would not survive that way. When Vulf meet, they do not fight amongst themselves. They love. It binds the pack. Vulf are bound by promiscuity, the Sharing. They scavenge alone but when they come together, they love, and they hunt. The Vulf hunt is the Howling. You have heard their chorus. After the hunt feast, they scatter. I have been tracking Vulf for many moons. I know their way. Now I need others. I am hungry.” Dog Girl, Wild Huntress

Vulf are the end result of natural breeding following genetic adaptation of canine species. Designed by a forgotten military group as Hunters to be controlled by a Handler, few develop such skills. Once bound to a handler a Vulf is faithful for life. They look like big dogs made of muscle and soft fur. They have no tail. Vulf are neither male nor female but with characteristics of both; all members of the species can give birth. They move silently and are ferocious fighters. They freely roam the city wilds, and they are bred to guard the secure zones, where they share the name Guardians with the Warrior castes.

(sky eyes scry’s scar rise)

A type of biohab creature associated with both omnipotency and rebirth.

Effectively they are a hive-mind cctv network, all one organism. An anti-gravity core and an oil-crystal orb lense. Said to see into the future, they turn up to watch, help and hinder people. They are a message relay system.

They have tentacles with feathers (solar-fins). They fly and observe and they project holographic their memories, recorded footage of what they have seen (or is it?). They are all one network. Skryze vary in scale from tiny newborn (in clusters) to big. They curl up like cabbages when they ‘sleep’.

Their feathers hold data, which can be replayed by plugging it into sockets in the tentacles. These become ITEMS much like a usb data card. The feathers are radio emitters, the tentacles are a web. Their eyes can operate as torches so their following people around usually is useful, as they have inquisitive nature. Their touch-op holographic projections are an interface.


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