This is the general World History as known by most people on Earth.

Baby Swelling
(planets circumference grows by 22% over a year*)
(Cosmological Year ZERO by the Mayan (Dreamer) calendar equivalent to 2013ad by the Christian calendar)

the Slave Epoch
(enforced global monoculture / totalitarian order / underground resistance movement / exploitation of natural resources)
(massive overpopulation)
(revelation of ET cultures)
(innovation of Ura Biohab technologies)

the Great Swelling
(second swelling: planets circumference grows by 50% overnight*)

the City Grows
(innovation of chemstone / imported biotech / integration of ET cultures)
(overpopulation continues)

Third Swelling
(planets circumference grows by 5% in an hour*)

the Great Plague Times
(95% global fatality rate)

(innovation of Gris material)


*all percentages for Swelling are compared to 2000ad scale, not accumulatively


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