character sheet

“Your character is dead. All those who you reached out to and influenced will remember your legend, in their own various ways. The DNA gatherers arrive to collect the memories of your bodies cells.”


the witches
Dreamer – we protect these for they hold the key to holding open the gates of creation
Scryer – they See, other places, potential futures and worlds like our own
Shaman – voodoo culture is the street religion of this world. spirits & plant medicine
Contact – ETs speak to these and protect, guide, visit them
Channel – spirit mediums
Virgin – sex therapy worker / tau-chi kundalini trainer

the warriors
Soldier – non martial art warrior, weapon & tech reliant, often lost offworld war clones
Samurai – those who follow the Tau of a master
Ronin – a masterless samurai who specializes in the tau of self
Ninja – secret brotherhood, the elite and elect martial artists

the folken & the freaks
Primal – a tribesman of the Feral lands whose people have learned to survive in the Wilds
Techn’chem – knows electrics, mechanics, software, chemistry, etc
Droid – advanced AI robot, synthskin around a plasteel skeleton (programmable people)
Ghoula – a body possessed by a spirit held alive by Chi
Recologist – adept of the religion of Biohab (ecology/permaculture/transmigration)
Drummer – cult of rhythm acolyte. After Tau’ism and Recology this is the major religion
Psycho – cunning yet emotionally overwrought violently aggressive crazies
Architect – a secretive brotherhood trained in safe urban development techniques & construction
Goblins – due to genetic mutation 15% of the global population is between two and four feet high. Goblin can be of most of the other Classes although they have their own culture to scale.

the hybrids
Lizzie Hybrid – part reptilian with some reptilian powa’s (shapeshift/zero-empathy)
Grey Hybrid – part grey with some grey powa’s (psychic)
Blue Hybrid – part blue with some blue powa’s (communicator/psychic/healing)
Angel Hybrid – part angel with some angel powa’s (light, psychic)
Shard Hybrid – part shadow with some shadow powa’s (void, psychic)
Feline Hybrid – part feline with some feline powa’s (claws, senses)
Canine Hybrid – part canine with some canine powa’s (empath, senses)

BODY, strength & nimble
MIND, awareness & memory
SOUL, attention & empathy
Each statistic rate begins at 1 but you have 15 Character Points to add to these.
The maximum statistic rate is 30.
There are some Character Class modifiers.
lizzies can have only ever zero empathy but begin at 2 attention before CP allocation
blues double empathy after CP allocation

DOUBT how many 6 sided dice you must roll to test Statistics & Skills.
Minimum = 1 Maximum = 5 (1 – 30) Begins at 2.

ENDURANCE hit points. Begins at strength x 2 (2-32)

CHI how much energy you have flowing through you.
This depends on character class but generally begins at 2.

ESSENCE choose three adjectives (describing words) for your characters ‘personality profile’. These relate to your characters TAU style and the flavor/texture of your characters CHI. Each essence relates to body, mind, soul. When you use CHI, this is the system that describes how it manifests, symbolically.

TAU Martial Arts
rate: Style/s:
Each of the following ‘moves’ has a rate that can be no higher than your initial Tau rate. You have as many points to split between them as you have in your Tau rate. Your Tau rate is determined by adding;
nimble + awareness + attention (3 – 18, maximum is 30)

punch, kick, chop, block-hand, block-foot, grip, dodge, roll, extra, special, breath,


What makes you unique.
Skills are rated 1 – 5 and generally added to your Statistic scores before rolling Doubt dice. There are some exceptions that work in other ways.
Cool reduces DOUBT by 1 dice per 2 points (minimum dice is always 1). This counts as a Special move in combat.
Psyche-out increases an opponents DOUBT by 1 dice. This counts as a Special move in combat.
Leap (also called Jump) can be used in a combo move for flying kicks and punches. This counts as a Special move in combat.
Sweep (roundhouse kick) counts as a Special move in combat. It does a maximum 1 point Damage.
Melee Weapons Special skills count as Extra moves in melee combat.
You will need to specify what Speciality your Special move is, by listing it as a Skill. The same applies to Extra moves.

You begin with 15 CPs for Skills (minimum 1 maximum 5).
Class Skills are mandatory and must have at least 1 point each.
After this you are free to choose any other Skills provided they can be justified by your character Background and Personality.






Weapons – damage, range, charge,
Armor – endurance, nimbless, charge,


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